Here you'll find the Xserver for your iPAQ - Xipaq.

This server supports both the internal (fbdev) driven display and the Hewlett Packard VGA Out card (HP1252A).

NEW! And now supports the ColorGraphics Voyager card, but alas 8bpp modes are currently not working properly, so your really limited to the 640x400 @ 16bpp mode.

Both cards only sports 512K of videoram and therefore limits the display resolutions. Use the -listmodes command to see the supported video modes.

Hardware acceleration has not been taken advantage of (currently). The driver is using the shadow framebuffer code though. Feedback welcome - email me at alanh@fairlite.co.uk.

To use the server.....

Xipaq -screen 320x240 -card pcmcia -screen 800x600x8x72

will bring up the Xserver at 320x240 on the internal iPAQ display at 65536 colours and the external PCMCIA display at 800x600 at 256 colours at a 72Hz refresh rate.

NEW! Xinerama is now supported with the 640x400x16x70 mode.

Additionally, Once the server is running you can use xmodmap and assign the iPAQ's buttons.

keycode 130 = Pointer_Button1

keycode 131 = Pointer_Button2

keycode 132 = Pointer_Button3

You also might need to use 'xset -r' to turn off keyboard repeats. Enjoy....

NEW! The source code is now in XFree86's CVS repository.

Mail to webmaster@fairlite.co.uk